A country chic wedding set up

Allestimento matrimonio country chic

A country chic wedding set up

29 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Are you looking for ideas for a country-chic wedding setup? Do not worry, this theme is particularly fashionable in recent years, so it is easy to find ideas for an impeccable organization. First, keep in mind not to get the situation out of hand. It is very important, in fact, to maintain the right balance between rustic and elegant, enhancing the country component without sacrificing style and harmony. Unmissable elements for this theme are nature and simplicity.

Tuscan rustic furnishings for the reception

Country but chic, with warm colors and materials such as wood and wrought iron: it is the rustic Tuscan furniture, perfect for your country chic wedding. Bricks and stones are typical elements of the Tuscan style , so pay attention to this detail when choosing the location. Furniture shall be made of wood, terracotta and wrought iron . The look&feel that this furniture will give to your wedding is warmth and tranquility; moreover, if the wedding takes place in winter, a location with a fireplace will be perfect.

Habillè table: an elegant and old-fashioned choice

Long tablecloths down to the floor that give an elegant and old-fashioned effect, that’s what the habillè table represents. This style dates back to the times of Queen Victoria of England and is often chosen for country chic weddings. As centerpiece you might opt for some floral ornament that recalls the countryside. As for the color of the long tablecloths we recommend neutral colors, although obviously you can choose the one you like best or that best matches the rest of the theme.

Why it is so important to choose provençal country fabrics.

One of the most important moments in organizing a country chic wedding is the choice of fabrics and you should direct yourself on provencal country fabrics. This is easy to understand when thinking of habillè tables: the long tablecloth will have a texture matching with the wedding style and even the chairs are often decorated with fabrics, which again must match with the tables. Provençal country fabrics often reproduce small flowers, polka dots, stripes or chess. Colors are usually light: light blue, pink, ocher and gray.

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