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2 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Perfect decoration on original or classic wedding cakes, the bride and groom figurines are a highlander trend. To give a touch of playful irony to your wedding, personalized cake toppers turn out to be the best choice. These are handmade figurines, in line with the wedding theme and with your personality.

Original figurines of the couple for a memorable wedding cake

In the past, stylized plastic statuettes were used, classic and without any details, while today the use of custom and personalized cake toppers, of which features recall the features of the couple or allude to their hobbies and passions, is increasingly trendy. The materials used to create these toppers for the wedding cake are usually clay, sugar paste or corn dough, thanks to their malleability that make it possible to create funny three-dimensional figurines.

Some ideas for original wedding cakes

One of the most important moments of the wedding party is the cake cutting. Not surprisingly, an “outside the box” wedding cake is definitely the easiest way to leave your guests speechless. If you need some ideas for some original wedding cakes, you are really spoiled for choice. Do you love a classic and romantic style? A cake with delicate pastel color and embellished with sugar paste lace is the one for you. If you are an incurable glutton, an American cake made up of donuts or brownies is the right choice.

Multi-store wedding cakes: where to place the cake topper?

Majestic and choreographic, the multi-store wedding cakes are pastry masterpieces. Sculptures in sugar paste, macaron compositions and decorations that recall the bride’s tail or her bouquet: there are plenty of ideas coming from maître pâtissiers. However when the cake consists of more than one floor, where do you have to place your personalized cake topper? At the top!, you could answer it trivially. Indeed sometimes you can dare something different. For example, if the groom is represented in a sitting position why not laying him on a higher level while the bride looks at him from a lower floor?

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