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wedding bag perfetta

Wedding bag

9 July 2019 / /,,,/

Do you want to catch the attention of your guests? This is a nice detail, born some years ago but still in use and well appreciated. The wedding bag is a small bag, a gift to give to each female guest. It can be a paper bag up to a […]

wedding planner


8 January 2019 /

Listen to him/her. There is not much else to add, when organizing an event our first and main task, as WP, is to listen to our customer. What he or she wants, how he/she wants to organize the event, what is important. Then we have to use a bit of […]


Dinner at Malpaga Castle

I want to tell you about this corporate dinner because it was my first important event. An international company had decided to discard an exhibition, investing instead in a private event organized for major customers. They entrusted me with the task of organizing a reception for over 100 people in […]

Festa a tema rock per i 18 anni

Rock-themed party for the 18th birthday party

31 July 2018 /

Are you looking for ideas for the your child’s eighteenth birthday party? Try a rock’n’roll style party! From dress code to outfits, through invitations and music, taking care of each of these details will be the first thing to do for the success of the evening. The most famous rock […]

dove sposarsi wedding planner

Choose where to get married with the help of the wedding planner

27 July 2018 /

The first rule to make a beautiful wedding is to choose where to get married: more than anything else, the choice of a beautiful location will be a priority if you want to make the party a beautiful memory. Relying on your wedding planner for the evaluation of the context, […]

matrimonio eco-chic

The eco-friendly wedding

27 July 2018 /

There are more and more couples who choose alternative solutions for their wedding, looking for those less expensive and often green&eco. From the bride’s dress to the wedding favors, passing through the decorations: creating an ecological wedding means creating a context that reflects as much love and respect for nature as […]

prima comunione a tema fiabesco

Decorations for a first fairy-tale communion

25 July 2018 /

Every child has a special world in which at least once he has dreamed of living. The fairy tale, for example, is one of these. But what are the decorations of a first fairy-tale communion? In addition to decorations, the cake is the detail that best fits this theme: from […]