Baby shower: games and ideal settings

Baby shower: games and ideal settings

24 July 2018 Informazioni e news

Among the magical occasions to celebrate a mother waiting for her baby there are the baby shower games: a party made of gifts and a lot of joy, very popular in recent times. Some of the most appreciated are: “guess the homogenized” and “baby hot potato”; in the first case, the mother is asked to guess, in fact, the taste of the various homogenizes; in the second, the lady who remains with the doll in her arms is eliminated.

Baby shower invitations to print

The ideas, for baby shower invitations to print, are many and easily available on the web. However, relying on the precious advice of a wedding planner – to organize a truly original party – will be the best choice: in this case, the help of an expert will be precious in the choice of the invitations, the paper, the color best suited to the mother’s taste and above all to the baby’s sex.

Body painting on the baby bump

During the last months of pregnancy, some mothers resort to body painting on the baby bump; others, even, choose to immortalize it in a photographic book as a souvenir. The subject to draw are really many: from the ultrasound of the coming baby to cartoons, passing through the original representations of witty cardboard children.

Cake and diapers for the baby shower

There is no better idea than ending a baby shower with a cake and diapers. These undergarments will surely be much appreciated by the new mother, considering that they are one of the major expenses to be faced after the birth.

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