Best locations for a winter wedding

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Best locations for a winter wedding

5 June 2018 Informazioni e news

I would like to celebrate a winter wedding but I do not want to renounce a charming and romantic location. The dilemma of those who choose the location for their winter wedding starts from here. Organizing the most important event of your life in an unusual season requires special attention. Choosing the right location is very important and your wedding planner will advise you in the best possible way to match your wishes with the needs that the season requires.

The charm of the villas for weddings in winter

Wedding villas usually have large indoor spaces that are perfect for the cold season and to welcome your guests. One problem that may arise is related to heating. In fact, many locations do not have efficient systems capable of heating the large spaces they offer. A good “expert” will know how to take care of this aspect in advance, to guarantee you and your guests a comfortable environment.

A fireplace makes the wedding atmosphere wedding suggestive

To avoid any issue with heating, an idea could be to choose a location with a fireplace. Whether it’s a villa, a castle, a restaurant or something else, together with your wedding planner, you can go for a location that offers a fireplace that will make the atmosphere of your yes day truly impressive. A lit fireplace will give an extreme sense of warmth at the reception and will allow you to use fire as main decoration of the location adorning each table with a table centerpiece made of candles.

Alternative heating solution: gas powered heating

Are you in love with a location, but there is no fireplace and the heating system is not efficient? Together with your wedding planner, look for locations that include the use of gas powered heating. This heating technique is widely used outdoor even during the winter months; in the same way, you could hire some to put inside your reception room to make the temperature welcoming for your guests.


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