Best themes for the tableau de mariage

temi tableau de mariage

Best themes for the tableau de mariage

10 April 2018 Informazioni e news

The tableau de mariage is fundamental to help your guests find their place during the event. It may consist of one or more boards, positioned in the most appropriate place to ensure that guests can easily see it and have enough time to understand where to take their seat: the tableau is like a map of your wedding reception.

Ideas for tableau

If you are looking for ideas for your tableau de mariage, the themes to choose from are really varied; we move from the more classic “nature” theme to the more sought-after “fairytale” theme, passing from “love”, “emotions” and “art”. Regardless of what theme you choose, write both the name and the surname of the guest, or, if you prefer a less formal tone, combine the names for couples or families.

For luxury weddings, name the tables with “wines” or “travel” themes.

Wine: it is possible to build up the tableau with some bottles or place a board above an old and elegant wine barrel, while the names of the tables will take on the names of the finest wines. For example “table Cabernet-Sauvignon” or “table Muller Thurgau”.

Travels: the tableau could be an old and elegant suitcase or a vintage planisphere that could also be placed on a table transforming the lists into elegant little boats. The names of the tables? The possibilities vary from the most used names of states and capitals to the less common names of squares and monuments.

Tableau mariage “Tree of life”

Tree of Life: a theme for tableau mariage that is widely used mainly for its auspicious symbolic meaning. The tree of life in fact means prosperity and good vibes, symbol of divine creation, it is the best way to wish a happy and prosperous future to the spouses. The most recommended tableau is a 3D cardboard tree on which the guest lists are placed as gems and leaves on the branches.

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