Birthday chiffon cakes

torta fluffosa per un compleanno

Birthday chiffon cakes

1 June 2018 Informazioni e news

What can not be missed at a birthday party is the cake. A soft and tasteful idea could be a chiffon cake. Beautiful to look at and very good to eat, this type of cake is perfect for a birthday party because it’s easy to prepare; moreover, there are lots of variations. As for the dough, you can make these desserts in several flavors: in addition to the classic lemon or chocolate, there are even variants such as rhubarb or green tea. You can decorate them with cream, fruits, chocolate and even flowers.

For sweet tooth friends: the chocolate chiffon cake

For your sweet tooth guests we recommend the exquisite chocolate chiffon cake. Particularly elegant to see, this type of dessert is capable of changing “face”, and also taste, according to the type of decoration you’ll choose. It is in fact possible to offer your guests a chiffon cake decorated with little sugar flowers or enriched with creamy fillings and embellished with fresh seasonal fruit. A nice idea could be to write the age of the celebrated person with colored chocolates.

Tall and fluffy cake: the alternatives to the chiffon cake

If the chiffon cake is not for you, but you still want a tall and fluffy sponge cake, there are many possible recipes to get inspiration from. If you want to offer a butter free cake, but again tall and fluffy, you can prepare a yogurt cake. The classic recipe foresees natural  yogurt, but if you want to give your sweet a special aftertaste, you can use one with fruit. Two other possibilities are the classic margherita cake and torta paradiso with creamy filling.

The mud cake, the queen of tall American cakes

The queen of the tall American cakes is the mud cake: the real recipe of the American chocolate cake. It is an easy to make cake, but of great impact and tasteful. This cake is also known as “mud cake” for its characteristic appearance and has many ingredients in common with the brownies, but thanks to its dough processing it is considerably more voluminous than these.

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