How to use every space in your locations

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How to use every space in your locations

18 April 2018 Informazioni e news

Exploiting all the spaces of the villas when organizing a wedding is essential to fulfil the dream of an impeccable and winning wedding party. The goal is to use any space, making them all available for your guests by organizing at the best the tables according to the needs of the reception. For example, if you want to have a large ballroom, the best choice will be to have imperials tables around the hall to create empty room inside.

Castle for luxury weddings for the king and queen of the day

Most spouses’ dream is to celebrate their wedding in a castle. Clearly, this choice can be a challenging decision, both at an economic and organizational level. In Italy,  almost everywhere, you can find a manor or an ancient palace, where you can celebrate your wedding. When you choose a castle with large halls, you shall take advantage of the vastness of the spaces available, but, on the other side, pay attention to position the tables so that they are not too far from the band and, above all, from the table of the spouses. It is important not to create a dispersive environment, because the merriment will be one of the most pleasant memories that you and your guests will cherish for your big day.

Historic manor for timeless elegance

Another valid alternative to the castle is the historic residence. If, for example, you want to organize your wedding party in a large green area, the choice of a historic residence in spring or early autumn is the right decision. In this case, it is customary to set up a tensile structure to prevent problems due to bad weather. In case of very narrow spaces, I give you a tip: folding tables to remove at the end of the banquet, to leave room for the dance floor.

Wedding villas in Milan for an event that leaves its mark

If you are in the “Madunina” city, you can choose among lots of villas for parties in Milan. A villa will certainly allow you to make a good impression and give a certain solemnity to the event. In case of a luxury wedding, you could choose Villa Airaghi, a stone’s throw from the city. However, if what matters is to set your prestigious party in a beautiful park, where you might organize activities for your guests, Villa Borromeo with its 7000 square meters of green is the ideal choice. There are also many villas with swimming pools made available by private people for a real swimming pool party.