Decorations for a first fairy-tale communion

prima comunione a tema fiabesco

Decorations for a first fairy-tale communion

25 July 2018 Informazioni e news

Every child has a special world in which at least once he has dreamed of living. The fairy tale, for example, is one of these. But what are the decorations of a first fairy-tale communion? In addition to decorations, the cake is the detail that best fits this theme: from the Hansel and Gretel cottage to the pirate ship, passing through the jungle animals, the choice is really wide.

The cake shaped like Hansel and Gretel cottage

Which fairy tale can inspire the dessert? The small house of Hansel and Gretel has always been a desire for children who, when listening or reading tales, imagine that they are immersed in the delicious walls of the famous witch. Although it is an easy choice, the preparation of a cake in the shape of a cottage is not for everyone: unless cake design is your passion or your job, the advice is to rely on an expert pastry chef.

The pirate ship

If your child is a fan of hooks and bandanas, the pirate ship will be perfect to create his favorite dessert. Organizing a first communion based on this theme is not too hard. First of all, as far as the buffet is concerned, black flags on snacks will be a must; placing a treasure chest and embellishing the room with golden galleons will add a final touch.

A jungle-shaped cake

For kids who love lions, giraffes and zebras, a jungle-shaped cake will be a greedy memory that is hard to forget. The main color will be green: you could even consider the idea of creating palm trees with marzipan to ensure that you can create a real work of cake design. Think about building it on several layers: even in this case, you can embellish it with a cascade of blue marzipan and many saplings.

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