Destination wedding in Italy in the fabulous Salento

Matrimoni stranieri in italia

Destination wedding in Italy in the fabulous Salento

25 June 2018 Informazioni e news

It is well known that destination weddings in Italy are becoming popular, what might be less known is the passion that foreign couples have for Puglia. In fact, the data show that the number of requests for this area is increasing year after year. The reason is easy to understand; in fact, the Gargano, Valle d’Itria and Salento are locations that can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. In addition to the picturesque views, in Puglia you can find good food and good wine, two characteristics that certainly affect the choice.

Indian wedding in Fasano: Rikita and Rohan’s golden wedding

An event that made headlines several years ago was the Indian wedding in Fasano between Ritika, third-born of the Indian iron magnate Pramod Agarwal, and Rohan Meta. The Bollywood wedding was a real show, with 800 guests from all over the world, and sets dedicated to ancient Rome. Monuments, statues and people with roman costumes, as well as cascades of lights, flowers, mirrored spheres and fluttering petals  while the bride and groom walk past. The Indian magnate didn’t mind the costs for his daughter’s wedding and chose Fasano after being bewitched by the Apulian town.

Savelletri e its restaurant

A village near Fasano, famous for its cliffs, is Savelletri. The restaurants in this area are very popular and often the spouses choose this destination for their reception. One of the best known, most loved and perfect locations for a wedding on the beach is the Coccaro Beach Club. A restaurant with a fabulous garden is instead Il Trappetello Restaurant, a location that offers really striking lights and colors at sunset. Another perfect place for a reception is Borgo Egnazia: a very spacious location that many visitors have defined a paradise on earth on Tripadvisor.

Borgo Egnazia: a fabolous beach

When we talk about Borgo Egnazia we can talk about a little world in its own right. Composed of hotel, beach, golf, spa and restaurant, this location is a pearl of Salento. The location consists of several buildings: the central structure La Corte, the living center of the Il Borgo and Le Ville hotels for a relaxing stay. Borgo Egnazia is also provided with La Fonte private beach: an oasis of peace with sunbeds, gazebo and a bar. A perfect place for a romantic beach wedding.

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