Destination weddings in Italy: the guide for newlyweds

Italia: la guida per gli sposi

Destination weddings in Italy: the guide for newlyweds

11 May 2018 Informazioni e news

English, Americans and Germans are those who most choose our beautiful country as their destination for their wedding. The most sought after destinations are the green hills of Tuscany, Campania with its Amalfi Coast and Lombardy where Como Lake attracts a good number of couples. In short, destination weddings in Italy are constantly increasing. Only in 2017 we have registered more than 7,000.

Foreign couples who get married in Italy

Foreigners who get married in Italy are motivated by many reasons. The Bel Paese is rich in history, art and beauty: which frame can be more romantic and winning for a wedding? Italy offers enchanting locations, able to satisfy the most different tastes. Tuscany, with its typical villages, is perfect for a rustic wedding. On Como Lake, instead, you can organize an elegant reception in one of the chic restaurants of the area. And sea lovers, the Amalfi Coast will offer you a sure dream scenario.

Foreigners who choose to get married abroad: how to get the best, with the help of a wedding planner

Therefore, for a foreigner, there is nothing more romantic than getting married abroad. But how to get around the insidious Italian bureaucracy and the impassable distances between your country of origin and our beautiful Italy? The advice is to rely on a local expert. A wedding planner will be very useful: first of all, because he lives on the territory where the wedding will be celebrated. Second, because a professional expert will deal with all the necessary documentation with ease and on due time.

Getting married abroad: the necessary documents to get married in Italy

To get married abroad, the necessary documents that the couple will have to worry about are an internationally valid identity document – such as a passport -, the birth certificate and the clearance to get married. This authorization is a certification issued by the authorities of the spouses’ country of origin; in this document they need declare that they’re enabled to contract marriage, as there is no impediment of any kind . Fundamental passages, which should not be forgotten, are the translation and the legalization of this clearance.

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