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16Hard question.

First answer: no! Consultancy costs that I can avoid by browsing a bit on the internet.

We could talk long about this topic but to make it simple, I suggest you to ask yourself 5 questions.

  • How much time do I have?

If you work, you have children, a house and a good social life, think about entrusting yourself to a WP. Friends and relatives can be of help but for sure, a professional consultant is more prepared, has a cost but avoids waste and mistakes.

  • How much do you want to enjoy that day? How important is your serenity?

If you want to keep calm and enjoy your special day you need let your dwarf from performance anxiety get off your shoulders. Let someone else take care of problems, research, budget control and focus on  enjoying your life and your extraordinary day as a protagonist

  • Are you able to do it by yourself?

You must not be only creative but also have organizational skills and know how to plan without colliding with your partner, have time to search, check, organize and, on the event day, listen to all the questions coming from suppliers

  • How do I choose my WP?

It depends on your needs, what you really want, the empathy you feel, his/her characteristics and professionalism, and, last but not least, TRUST.

  • How much does a WP cost?

In the Anglo-Saxon countries this figure is taken for granted, it is a necessary cost like the flower designer. In Italy consultancy is an avoidable cost. The cost is between 10 and 20% of the total cost but depends on the WP’s work. What does this cost stand for? What is included in the price and how is she/he paid?

  • Beware: if the cost is low, the WP is likely to inflate the suppliers’ costs by adding his/her commission, it might seem a saving but the final wedding cost will be higher.

A choice you can make is related to the type of service: you can ask for the consultancy service only or all-inclusive, organization, presence and coordination throughout the event, search for suppliers …

Be careful also to WP’s offered by locations or suppliers. The WP working for locations takes care of the location, the banqueting, what’s related to their location, do not correspond to an external WP who organizes the wedding at 360°. They “sell” their product, their location and any connected suppliers. They do not build tailor-made weddings, on your needs, since they are not an external consultancy to the parties. It does not mean it’s not good, just keep in mind what you’re buying and what you can expect.

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