Entertain your wedding guests

ospiti al tuo matrimonio

Entertain your wedding guests

7 May 2018 Informazioni e news

To make your wedding day unforgettable not only for you, but also for your guests, it is essential to establish well in advance the activities to entertain them during the reception. How to entertain guests during the long wedding day is a real pain. If you manage to choose wisely, the result will be an amazing marriage during which nobody will be bored. Do not forget that a satisfied guest is a guest with a sincere smile on his/her face, immortalized forever in the wedding album.

Some ideas to organize a funny wedding

Organizing a funny wedding is not as simple as it may seem. That’s why, to rely on the advice of an expert wedding planner can be of great help. Taking into account the bulk of details to plan for the wedding, in fact, the entertainment might be left aside, as a last minute task or even completely neglected. This is a mistake. The wedding planner can ensure that this does not happen and, as a consequence, advise you on an “ad hoc” type of animation. An idea could be the photo booth, a corner set up as a stage with accessories and a Polaroid with which the guests can take some nice pictures to leave to the spouses or take with them as a souvenir. In addition, to enliven the ceremony, you could organize a flash-mob in order to involve most guests, even the most introverted ones.


Double interview with the spouses: the questions to ask

Another welcome moment during the reception is the double interview with the bride and the groom, where questions can really be disparate. Assuming that it is obviously not the case to ask the name, surname and other triviality on the future consort, you can create an amusing questionnaire that could lead to really unexpected spouses’ answers. Some examples? You might ask what expectations they have about their future life together. Or ask, supposed and granted that relationships are peaceful, what is thought of their respective in-laws.

Wedding entertainment: what in and what out

Everything is fine, but as far as wedding entertainment is concerned, you need to know what to do and what not to do. In fact there are jokes that could be really bad taste, with the result of ruining the party to more than one person. The quizzes with questions regarding the ex-boyfriends of the spouses are embarrassing and inapposite. It is not really the case to ask for details on the intimate life of the neo-spouses. You do not want the ultra octogenarian aunt to be scandalized, do you?


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