Everything you need know to get married in Italy

sposarsi in Italia

Everything you need know to get married in Italy

Which documents does a destination wedding in Italy need? It is well known that destination weddings in Italy are becoming popular, but to get married here you must certainly juggle with Italian bureaucracy and this may be hard. The bureaucratic process takes time, it is mandatory to contact the Civil Status Office far in advance.

Foreigners who get married in Italy

Foreigners who get married in Italy are looking for a typical Italian wedding, linked to the traditions of our land. They mostly pay attention to specific details such as food and local products, not to mention the location that must be as enchanting as possible such as castles, historic houses and ancient farmhouses. It is not uncommon for foreigners to choose extravagant places for their wedding as caves, sea shores or vineyards.

Documents for foreign marriage

The documents required for the wedding of foreigner spouses, necessary to get marriage publications and sign the official register are:

  • an internationally valid identity document, such as a passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • clearance.

The clearance is a certificate issued by the authorities of the spouses’ country of origin; this document is meant to declare that the bride and the groom are enabled to get married and that there are no legal impediments. The legalization of this document is important and must be done at the Prefecture Legalization Office.

Warning: the authorization must be translated into Italian.

Civil marriage documents for foreigners

If you choose a civil marriage, the necessary documents are the same as listed above. It is important to clarify that in case of American and Australian spouses (two of the nationalities who love destination weddings in Italy), since there are no effective local Offices responsible for producing the clearance, citizens must show the sworn statement to the competent consular authority in Italy.

A good translator might be useful for the wedding celebration.

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