Foreigners wishing to get married in Italy? The wedding planner takes care of it!

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Foreigners wishing to get married in Italy? The wedding planner takes care of it!

25 May 2018 Informazioni e news

The spouses who decide to get married abroad are increasingly numerous. Italian citizens who have chosen to get married beyond the borders of their country increase year by year. Above all, foreigners who choose our beautiful country as the place to celebrate their wedding keep growing.

Getting married abroad: which documents are needed?

The first thing to do to get married abroad is to find out what the documents are to be presented. The figure that can guide you, giving you support in the best way is definitely that of the wedding planner. An advice is to rely on an event organizer from the country where you decided to celebrate your wedding. This will help you in the difficult bureaucratic path, respecting all the timing of the case.

The organization of the remote wedding reception

Organizing a wedding reception that will be held away from your home can be difficult. This is another reason why having a wedding planner can be really useful. In fact, relying on the Internet to directly contact possible suppliers could be a truly titanic and risky enterprise. A wedding planner can help you as he/she knows the territory, the best suppliers and the dynamics; therefore, you will really be able to better organize every detail of your reception.

Wedding budget: your wedding planner will manage it properly

Hard to admit it, yet the first question that all couples who decide to marry asks themselves is very unromantic: “Will we be able to fit into the foreseen wedding budget?”. Usually people have not a clear idea of what they can expect in terms of costs. A good way to not spend more than your budget is to set a maximum spending limit for every aspect of the wedding and stick to it. Even in this case, the help of a wedding planner could make the difference, to help the future spouses to manage this unpleasant aspect.

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