Getting married in the rain: the wedding-save arrangements

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Getting married in the rain: the wedding-save arrangements

24 June 2018 Informazioni e news

“Wet bride lucky bride!” they would say. Nevertheless, getting married in the rain is a condition that most (or all) couples would rather skip. However, no fear: it is an easily manageable inconvenience and, why not, in some respects also romantic. After all, the scenes of the most romantic films take place right in the rain! Of course, it will be necessary to foresee some small tricks to run for covers; here below we will go through some of them including umbrellas and rain boots with funny or custom prints, which could brighten your day giving it a unique touch.

Renting tensile structures: the WP’s advise

One of the most recommended solutions by wedding planners in case of rain is the rent of tensile structures, able to repair spouses and guests during the reception. Usually, these are large, solid and waterproof gazebos, not always appreciated by couples. However, skepticism is irrelevant if the situation needs a solution; that’s why the experience of a professional wedding planner will be able to provide the best organizational solution, taking into account the tastes of the couple.

An elegant accessory: the double umbrella

Among the various accessories to be considered for your yes day should not miss the double umbrella. It is an accessory that is usually combined with the bride’s white dress and can be classic, vintage or even composed of ruffles. If you want some sparkling details, an umbrella embellished with Swarovski will be the solution for you.

Garden platform to avoid unpleasant problems

From open-toe high heel shoes to floor length dresses, going through a wedding dress with a long train or veil: if you are organizing your wedding in an uncertain season, turn to a wedding planner not to run into unpleasant inconveniences. In these cases, a good “safety” remedy to save dress and shoes could be a garden platform: a raised floor that will help you avoid the quagmire caused by bad weather.

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