Horse carriage to feel like a princess

Carrozza con cavalli matrimonio

Horse carriage to feel like a princess

6 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Girls’ dream is watching their prince coming on his white horse. If you are organizing a wedding, the prince is already found, what is missing is only the horse carriage. A wedding carriage will make you live the tales that your parents told  you when you were a child. On the other hand, nothing is more romantic than a chaise waiting for you outside the Church, just as in the recent Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and the American Meghan Markle.

The exit of the spouses from the Church

One of the most amusing moments of a marriage is the exit of the spouses from the Church. This emphasizes the bond between the newlyweds who, having entered the cathedral as separate entities, come out together in the sacred bond of marriage. The custom wants that the exit from the Church is celebrated by the guests by throwing rice: a custom that, according to the ancient Chinese legend from which it derives, represents abundance and is therefore a wish for prosperity for newlyweds.

Types of wedding carriages

There are different types of wedding carriages, which vary depending on the additional services offered by companies in the sector. With the help of your wedding planner you can choose the kind of carriage that suits you and your wedding. Important, for example, is to choose one, whose colors and elements recall the chosen theme. The style of the chaise is important as well, Victorian or modern carriages are just some of the possibilities offered.

Horses and carriage rental

In case you choose the carriage as a means of transport for leaving the church, we provide you with some information on how the horse rental works. Once you have decided that the gig is the means of transport chosen for your wedding, you shall rent it. Companies recommend white horses for a wedding. The number of steeds will depend on the type of chaise: a classic two-seat carriage, for example, will not require more than two or four horses.

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