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8 January 2019 Informazioni e news

Listen to him/her.

There is not much else to add, when organizing an event our first and main task, as WP, is to listen to our customer. What he or she wants, how he/she wants to organize the event, what is important. Then we have to use a bit of psychology. Is it really what he/she wants? Is there any conditioning? Do these request match with his/her personality? We must be able to find the right compromise between desires, possibilities and personalities, but we must do it with their consent, never push in one direction without having our bride’s full consent. This is perhaps the most difficult task, adjusting the target without disappointing the customer.

We are not supposed to judge, our added value lies in transforming dreams into reality and doing it in the best possible way. Customers  often need a guide because they are confused about what they really want, they have lots of ideas mostly coming from websites or from other weddings they attended. We must bring out their desires and their personality and organize an event that reflects them, without slipping into banal or excess.

You will never find spouses who ask for a “cheap & shabby” wedding, everyone wants the best and, paradoxically, the lower the budget the more they ask for lights and colors, what shines, glitters, crackles looks like the best choice.

There is a specific reason, but we are not here to penetrate the abyss of the human mind. Our task is to mediate between requests and good taste, between desires and the organization of a memorable event.

Mrs. Margareth wants mirrors and lace, pink, tulle, flowers, lights and balloons for her 60th birthday. We are likely to organize a birthday for a 4-year-old girl, the risk of falling into kitsch is around the corner. Indeed, it is possible to organize a pink party  by choosing the appropriate pantone, elegant fabrics and limiting the tulle to the decorations, using mirrors and lace on the buffet table to decorate the table setting. The final effect must be an elegant event, albeit maintaining the initial idea of eternal youth.

This is a valid advice unless we are organizing a big fat gipsy wedding, when we can throw all the teachings to the nettles, there are no budget limits, so let’s use everything that comes to our mind and also what we have dreamed during the night, surely it will be fine

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