How should the bride make her entrance to the Church?

entrata in chiesa della sposa

How should the bride make her entrance to the Church?

31 May 2018 Informazioni e news

The bride’s entrance to the Church, she who has to walk the nave of the church under the watchful eye of her future husband and all the guests, is one of the most emotional moments of the wedding. The classic ritual foresees that the bride arrives accompanied by her father or whoever takes his place, with a delay of no more than 15/20 minutes. The father, once accompanied his daughter to the altar, will have to lift up the veil and entrust her to the future husband after having symbolically shake his hand.

The chants for religious wedding ceremony

For the ceremony, the choice of chants suitable for religious weddings is very important. If you love the great classics, the timeless songs of the great classical music composers, the Wedding March by Richard Wagner first of all, can not miss. The songs that confer greater solemnity on the rite are the choral songs. In this case you should ask the parish if they have a choir or if you need to hire an external one. To give rhythm to the ceremony, the best choice is a gospel choir.

The etiquette advice on the welcome to the guests

To avoid embarrassing behaviors with your guests, the advice is to follow the guidelines of the etiquette on the greetings and welcome to the guests. Due to the wedding scheduling, the spouses do not meet their guests closely until the reception. During the banquet, etiquette wants the two spouses never to be separated; therefore, they shall welcome and greet their guests together. At the end of the reception, usually the newlyweds leave it before their guests, making a tour of the location to greet guests.

Wedding procession: more and more trendy

An increasing number of spouses organize a wedding procession. The scheduling is what matters most: the on time arrival of the parade determines the success of the ceremony. The participants must be gathered at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony, so that everyone is ready at the right time. It is also important to make sure that nothing is forgotten, such as wedding rings or bouquets, just to say two “tiny” details.

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