How to “collect” the wedding money wallet gracefully

busta dei soldi per il matrimonio

How to “collect” the wedding money wallet gracefully

25 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Without any doubt, one of the most appreciated gifts both by the spouses and by the guests, is the money wallet. This custom was a typical gift in the South of Italy, but then spread also along the whole country. Compared to the past, future spouses more and more often decide to live together for a few years, before taking the big step. As a consequence, the usefulness of the wedding list disappears, since their house is already beautiful and furnished.

Wedding money box? Yes, but with elegance

If you want to stick to the etiquette, collect your  money wallets as discreetly as possible. An option may be to collect them during the reception, while greetings your guests around the tables. An original idea to collect money is a money box to show off in a strategic point in the location. Whatever you choose, it shall be presented in a creative and coherent way to the wedding theme. The box will be a real accessory that will allow you to collect the envelopes – gesture that usually causes some embarrassment – in an elegant way. If your chosen theme is the trips&travels your money box may be a suitcase or a globe. Of course it is difficult to find the right materials. This is why it is essential to rely on a wedding planner that can guide you to the best suppliers/craftsmen.

Wedding money wallet: what to write to wish the best to the newlyweds

Hard task is to find a nice greeting to write inside the money wallet to give to the spouses. Even if this type of gift get the guests free from the search of the perfect gift and the newlyweds from the fear of receiving something unpleasant, it is always good to write an accompanying phrase. A sincere and affectionate word, with a positive meaning, will do it, nothing better than letting your heart speak for you.

How to give your iban on wedding invitations

The transcription of the iban on wedding invitations is very controversial. In case you choose to use this practice, the accompanying phrases shall be defined with great care. Your wedding planner can be really of help in this case: surely his/her experience will be able to guide you in the right direction to stick to the etiquette.

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