How to keep your wedding costs under control with the help of the wedding planner

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How to keep your wedding costs under control with the help of the wedding planner

14 June 2018 Informazioni e news

The first thought, for every couple who is struggling with the organization of the wedding, is to achieve a “simple” marriage. What does this mean? On one hand unclear ideas and on the other fear to shell out a lot of money. From this point of view, the help of a professional like the wedding planner will be essential to better manage the wedding expenses.

Wedding centerpieces: prices

In the organization of a reception, the prices of wedding centerpieces are an element that must be considered, without neglecting the coherence with the main theme. In this sense, preferring a “do-it-yourself solution” can be inconvenient in terms of selection of materials and costs. Relying on a wedding planner can help you to choose the best quality/price vendor. Together, in fact, you can go for various types: with flowers, mirrors, candles or maybe even with jewels, respecting the starting budget.

A DIY tableau de mariage: savings or useless effort?

Unclear ideas is a problem that can occur in the organization of the reception, such as the do-it-yourself tableau de mariage. Making it happen will surely free up your creativity, especially if you are a DIY expert. However, it will be a hard job in terms of time and materials to be found and cost wise burdensome. In these cases, relying on a wedding planner will be a smart choice that will satisfy the taste and the wallet!

The DIY wedding place cards: yes or no?

In addition to the tableau de mariage, do-it-yourself wedding place card holders are a further element that require plenty of time. Same as for the tableau, if on one hand making home-made placeholders let you choose among numerous decorative variants, at the same time it does not represent a saving. The wedding planner, with her/his list of reliable vendors, can guide you to the best choice in terms of quality/price, and will be able to grant you the same result that you are dreaming of.

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