How to organize a perfect beach wedding

matrimonio sulla spiaggia

How to organize a perfect beach wedding

28 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Organizing a beach wedding might seem a difficult undertaking. On the contrary, few elements are needed to sep up a fairy tale wedding on the seashore : a suitable wedding dress, a theme that evokes the marine world and ad hoc settings. Since 2013, when the civil ceremony was legalized even on the beach, it is possible to get married by the sea by submitting a request to the Municipality of the location where you want to carry out your wedding ceremony and reception.

The set up of a wedding on the beach

To make a wedding on the beach perfect,to take care of every single detail. Very fashionable for the wedding by the sea, is the use of the chuppa under which to celebrate the ceremony. It is a sort of gazebo of which shapes and sizes can vary; it is usually elegantly adorned with delicate fabrics and flowers. An alternative to the chuppa can be the classic floral arch that often serves as the entrance threshold for the area designated for the celebration. Floral arrangements, bright spheres and flower-carrying structures are functional to make the arrangements as required by the spouses, luxury, minimal or shabby chic.

The bride jewelry shoes

For a beach wedding, the choice of footwear is very important. The jewelry sandals are the brides favorite option. The main reason is that beach weddings are celebrated in summer. To walk on the sand without sinking, choose low heel sandals. Cotton and rope are the most used materials; for a luxury wedding, choose gold and silver as main colors.

Sea-themed wedding

If you want to get married on the beach, the “sea-themed wedding” becomes a must. In this case, rather than the spouses, it is the location that fixes the theme; in fact, if the ceremony is held on the beach, just choose consistent decorations. Pay attention not to overdo the decorative elements, “weighting down” the topic would risk to make the ceremony too kitschy. The most used colors for the sea theme are white, sand, light blue, blue and coral.

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