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17 April 2018 Informazioni e news

In order for a conference to be successful, attention must also be paid to the smallest details, an attention that only a professional experienced planner can guarantee. Organizing a conference, in short, is not a joke at all. The phases of its planning are usually three, all rather complex. The preliminary phase in which you decide the budget, location, date, time and patronage. The intermediate phase in which the actual draft of the conference program is implemented. The third phase, executive, which consists of sending invitations, furnishing the premises, preparing the materials and promoting the conference. Are you sure you can handle everything yourself?

What to pay attention to when organizing a business meeting

First, when we talk about business meeting, it is important to understand what we are referring to. These could be motivational meetings, organized mainly to strengthen the relationship and cohesion among workers. Or sales meetings, product launches and press conferences. A successful business meeting should be organized during business hours, in a room that can comfortably accommodate all guests, previously informed by e-invitation, where they could also read the program and agenda of the conference. It is necessary to find a suitable location, also depending on the duration of the event. For example: if our conference lasts a couple of days, it could be optimal to organize it in a hotel equipped with a meeting room, in order to avoid extra travels. Again: strive to find a location that reflects faithfully the style and identity of company.

Successful corporate team building

What are corporate team buildings? Literally translated it means “build a group”. The team building is the set of methodologies born and developed to improve the ability of the workers to work in a team with the final objective of improving their and the company performance and the achievement of their goals. To make the event successful, it is important that the timetable does not coincide with the working time. It would help a lot to encourage a fun atmosphere to stimulate the complicity among colleagues, regardless of their degree of seniority.


The organization of business meetings depends on our goal

The first thing to do is to define the objectives you want to achieve with your business meeting; based on your goals, you can plan: corporate events, aimed at employees; trade events, for business partners; consumer events, open to the public. When organizing company events, to be successful, create a good mix between work, leisure and rest. Last, but not least, is the promotion of the event to ensure maximum participation by people involved, without being invasive.

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