Ideas for posh wedding centerpieces

Spunti per centrotavola eleganti per il matrimonio

Ideas for posh wedding centerpieces

10 May 2018 Informazioni e news

The attention to every single detail is what a good wedding planner will always be able to guarantee, to make your wedding original and different from any other. Let’s think about posh wedding centerpieces; they may seem a trivial aspect of the wedding organization, and yet, if well designed, they are able to give a particular allure to the hall.

Country wedding and centerpiece made of ears of wheat

Centerpieces made of ears of wheat suit well to country or shabby chic wedding, especially if the wedding takes place in autumn or winter. Their color matches perfectly with wooden tables and, in general, with white or light colors. You may use the ears of wheat to make a bunch of flowers and place it in a hand-made ceramic jug, or as an ornament for the napkins.

Outdoor wedding and centerpieces made with mirrors and candles

For a striking visual effect, a centerpiece with mirror and candles is recommended. Difficult to find something more elegant than a mirror placed in the center of the table, on which you can place a composition of candles and scatter some crystals to embellish the whole decoration. For an evening party, better if outdoors, candles lit on mirrors can create a truly romantic and chic atmosphere, in a whirl of lights and reflections.

Romantic wedding and floral decorations in clear vases

Best romantic centerpieces ever are undoubtedly the floral compositions in clear vases. The color chosen for the flowers is usually white, which is best suited to this graceful style. Glass vases can have any forms: tall and narrow, low and rounded, small and squared. Again, we can place a mirror under the vase for this floral decoration: the effect will be a magnificent explosion of flowers in the center of the table.

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