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26 April 2018 Informazioni e news

Trendy bouquets for 2018 will be:

  • traditional rounded bunch of flowers;
  • asymmetric bouquet called messy bouquet;
  • monochromatic bunches of flowers (Color is a main actor in 2018 weddings, purple, violet, borgogna red, and bouquets follow this trend)
  • bouquets mostly consisting of green leaves.

In any case, the 2018 trends for bridal bouquets are aimed above all at finding the solution that best suits the bride’s dress and, indeed, her body shape. A long-stemmed bouquet will not be recommended for a short-height bride; if you decide to wear a showy dress, it will be better to prefer a simple bouquet.

An elegant bridal bouquet with calla lilies

Once again the most elegant bridal bouquet is made of calla lilies, a flower available in many colors and able to give a touch of class to any bride. The preferred shade by brides is the white; moreover, thanks to its elongated shape, the calla is ideal for elegant cascading bouquets or minimal chic styles. However, be careful: these are mainly summer flowers, therefore more suitable for a wedding organized during the warm seasons.

The original “sea-themed” wedding bouquet

If you love sea, your choice should be a sea-themed wedding bouquet. A choice that surely might impress your guests is a bouquet made up of shells, probably the most representative element of the marine world. To embellish your own bouquet with ad hoc elements will certainly make it unique. Other than shells, you can use starfish, seahorses, corals, pearls and sea sticks.


A flashy jewel bouquet

The jewel bouquet is an alternative to the classic flowers bouquet. It is made of stones, pearls, silk flowers and crystals. Probably the most customizable among all the bouquets; this is the latest trend, also thanks to its durability, you can keep it forever, not being subject to drying. You can choose it in different shapes: round, cascade or mini. What matters most is not to exaggerate, not to make it kitsch & tacky.

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