Indigo color: the 2019 color, never trivial

Colore indaco

Indigo color: the 2019 color, never trivial

13 July 2018 Informazioni e news

Among the trendy colors expected for 2019, a particular shade of blue and violet returns: the indigo color. It is a very elegant color that, in chromotherapy, is a symbol of spirituality and empathy. So, which color can be more suitable for a happy event? In case of a civil marriage, indigo may be suitable for both the bridal gown and the bridesmaid’s dress or accessories. This color will also be perfect as floral details and decorations for the church.

Indigo for brides: pure elegance

In addition to being a very delicate color, indigo is among the most elegant of the color spectrum. This shade of blue-violet, in fact, is able to make any occasion, especially the wedding, a truly romantic fable. However, you must carefully  choose the right context where to make it prevail. The advice, therefore, is to choose it for accessories and also for the wedding dress, as long as you opt for simple lines.

A boho chic wedding

Usually indigo is typical of a boho chic style wedding. In these cases, the wedding planner has the opportunity to play with many decorative elements that, in fact, recall a bit ‘more vintage – bohemian themes . One of the strengths of boho chic is to be an extravagant style: the spouses, in fact, can indulge in the choice of accessories, from the beret to the top hat for the groom, the wreaths or flower bracelets for the bride.

Lilac flower for a very fragrant bouquet

For the bouquet you could opt for a very fragrant lilac flower, as there are no indigo flowers, in nature, unless you have them painted. There are lots of lilac flowers: peonies, lilacs, lisianthus, lavender and hyacinth to mention some. Be careful: each of these flowers shall fit the type of bouquet: for example lavender and lilacs for a cascading bouquet, peonies for a monochromatic bouquet.

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