Italian food and wine excellences and show cooking

Eccellenze enogastronomiche italiane e show cooking

Italian food and wine excellences and show cooking

5 July 2018 Informazioni e news

The Italian food and wine excellences have always been an element of recognition of our territory, thanks to a variety of unique and genuine courses and typical products. Tasty food, strong  flavors: this is what characterizes the Italian table. Among the foods that contribute to giving this added value, we can mention the Parmigiano Reggiano, the buffalo mozzarella from Campania, the gorgonzola and the burrata: cheeses that the whole world appreciates (and envy). Not to mention Parma ham and speck from Alto Adige, with a spicy and inimitable taste.

Show cooking: a show for the guests

The show cooking can be an opportunity to savor the food and wine excellencies of the Italian territory. When we speak of show cooking we refer to a show during which the chef presents ingredients, reveals tricks and recipes of the courses he is preparing, commenting on like a real frontman. A unique and interactive experience, where each course is described, illustrated and finally tasted. If you are interested in organizing a show cooking, just define the objectives, choose the menu and agree with the chef the courses to promote.

Apulian dairy products: Italian excellence

Among the most known Apulian dairy products there are cheeses such as the burrata of Andria, the canestrato pugliese, the Fallona di Gravina and the marzotica ricotta; but also salami and meat must be mentioned. From “bombette” to “involtini” (meatbolls and rolls) stuffed with cheese and dressed with salt and pepper to include muschika, a type of dried meat that can be dressed with garlic and chilli.

The special touch of a chocolate fountain for the dessert buffet

On the dessert buffet, the chocolate fountain might be very appreciated by your guests. Indeed, it is a greedy way to complete the proposed dessert service. What is most to be taken into consideration is the fact that melted chocolate is suitable for different types of fruit and snacks and this is certainly a good variation to enrich the final part of your reception.



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