Locations for enchanting weddings in Lombardy

matrimoni in Lombardia incantevoli

Locations for enchanting weddings in Lombardy

15 May 2018 Informazioni e news

We said it more and more times: to choose the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, you have to take into account many factors. Area where the location is, number of guests that can host, management of indoor and outdoor spaces. Not to mention, then, the dwelling to choose from: villa, historic building or castle? The wedding locations in Lombardy are many and enchanting. Your wedding planner will advise you about what’s best for you, based on the type of wedding you are dreaming of.

Wedding locations with the internal Church in Lombardy

You can also find wedding locations with an internal church in Lombardy. This possibility, besides being romantic, also entails practical advantages. In fact, if some of your guests will be elderly, it may be really convenient to choose a location that has a church or a small chapel where to celebrate the ceremony. Grezzago castle, San Gaudenzio castle and “la Lodovica” location are just some of the places in Lombardy that satisfy this need.

Wedding locations with swimming pool in Lombardy

What’s more elegant than a wedding location with a pool? In Lombardy, many restaurants and villas offer the possibility to entertain guests with a beautiful swimming pool, where you can cut your cake. Obviously it is ideal for weddings in spring and summer. Watch out for booking times: such lavish locations are in great demand and it is often necessary to book them up to two years before the established date.

Wedding farmhouses in Lombardy

On the other hand, if your romantic dream is embodied in country settings, a farmhouse in Lombardy may be your best option. Farms are real natural paradises, often surrounded by streams, orchards and vineyards. The ideal choice, in short, if you love outdoor life and dream of a country or shabby chic wedding. In addition, farmhouses can host many guests, as the available spaces are on average larger than other wedding locations.

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