Luna Park themed birthday party

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Luna Park themed birthday party

22 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Do you want to organize an unforgettable party? The funfair theme birthday party is undoubtedly the most beautiful and fun of all. Bowling, target shooting, fishing and circling are just some of the games you can organize during your party to re-evoke the atmosphere of a real amusement park. From skills tests to team games, it will be a party that will involve all our guests.

The children’s magician’s show

To brighten up the birthday party atmosphere, you may contact a children’s magician. Much more than a simple animator, the magician will keep the children’s attention high, involving them in an extraordinary show of prestige and magic: from the disappearance of rabbits in the cylinder to cards games. Choose a professional who knows how to approach with children, in the right way.

Cakes in the face for a spiteful party

The most irreverent, spiteful and funny party? The cakes-in-face themed party. It is easy to guess what the main attraction of this birthday party will be . There is no better way to break the routine of the usual little parties and to propose an original, new and transgressive idea that will hardly be forgotten by the little guests and their parents. Warning: it may be useful to bring a change of clothes with you.

Tricks & Games for children: the importance of animation

The best way to animate a birthday party is to think about organizing many little games for kids, so that they never get bored. Whatever the chosen theme, what really counts is the animation and the games to entertain the little guests. Taking into account that a party lasts about three hours and considering one hour and a half between the arrival of the guests, cake and unpacking the gifts, to fill properly the remaining time with games becomes essential. The best ones? The treasure hunt, the soccer game and the kids make-up


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