Modern baroque style for your trendy wedding

Stile barocco matrimonio

Modern baroque style for your trendy wedding

11 July 2018 Informazioni e news

Between luxury and classicism, the modern baroque style is one of the most fashionable trends in the last period for the organization of the wedding. However, due to these characteristics, attention to detail is of vital importance. Generally, the most representative color is purple because it recalls the historical period in which the baroque exploded. When choosing the details, flowers are a fundamental part of this style, which, all in, will make your wedding event particularly elegant and refined.

Baroque style: kitsch or refined decor?

When it comes to baroque style, the furniture that comes to mind is unmistakable: furniture with sinuous and elegant shapes, in which purple and gold are the masters. When choosing the shades of color, do not exceed: it is good not to match too many shades because the risk of falling into the kitsch effect is around the corner! One way to avoid the risk is to balance the combinations of majestic elements with more sober elements. The best idea? To organize the furnishings according to the spaces layout.

The gypsy music and the modern baroque

Violin, accordion, frula and drum: if your idea is to create a ceremony that recalls an oriental melody, the solution could be to choose gypsy music. These are harmonies and arabesque sounds that over the years have undergone various contaminations from the cultural and artistic currents of the neighboring countries. Usually, it is a music with a pressing rhythm that perfectly combine with the baroque style that represents a choice of character on the part of future spouses.

Gold color: how to combine it?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, gold is representative of this style. After all, gold is a very eccentric choice in terms of furnishing and denotes a particularly brave choice. Therefore, try to to find a compromise in the colors selection, perhaps focusing on more delicate colors, such as white or cream.

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