Peculiar wedding invitations

Partecipazioni di matrimonio

Peculiar wedding invitations

8 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Wedding invitations require a lot of attention as they will be the business card for your wedding. Through the invitation the guests will be able to understand what your wedding style and theme will be. Pay attention to match the content of the invitations with their style and design. Indulge with romantic phrases or verses of poems but do not forget the names, place, date and time of the event.

Original wedding invitations

If you are looking for original ideas, the “do-it-yourself” style is an option. There are various possibilities: for example, jigsaw-like invitations that the guests will have to assemble, invitations with particular shapes or a message in the bottle style. For self-mocking spouses, a very original idea is to decorate the wedding invitations with their caricatures. On the other hand, for elegant weddings, better to choose classic invitations.

Plantable seed paper

If your theme will focus on love and respect for nature and you’re organizing a green wedding, plantable seed paper should be your choice. The idea of ​​”sprouting paper” comes from Japan, it is a particular type of paper that, if planted and watered, it sprouts and flourishes. You can choose from various types of paper: rough, irregular or natural colors. Furthermore, according to your tastes, you can decide which part of your invitation will be plantable.

Kraft paper

One of the 2017 trends was wedding invitations printed on kraft paper. The type of paper, used for the complete invitation or only for the envelope, is very suitable for vintage, country or rustic weddings. Kraft paper is also perfect to be decorated; for example with lace, ropes, hemp and jute ribbons or sprigs of aromatic herbs.

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