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3 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Your big day shall be perfect! After thinking about all the boring details, you can focus on outstanding decorations for the most important table of the wedding reception: the bride’s and groom’s table. Your table shall stand out at a glance; to make it possible, you have a huge spectrum of possible decorations: classic floral decoration, for example, or consisting of texts, lights or symbolic elements. Here they are some ideas for a perfect wedding table decoration.

Simple decorations for the wedding table

If you are looking for wedding table decorations, you really have a lot of possibilities. In case of an evening wedding, pay special attention to lighting: candles in pastel colors can help create a truly romantic atmosphere. Then pay attention to perfumes: if they are too strong they can be unpleasant and, moreover, alter the taste. If you’ve chosen a romantic theme, classic and recalling a fairy-tale atmosphere, you could use antique candlesticks or torches. The decorative element par excellence, never out, are flowers. They can really change completely the look&feel of the wedding location.

Showy, but elegant decorations: the tall centerpieces

To set up the table in an elegant way, but making sure to catch your guests’ attention, you can opt for tall wedding centerpieces. These types of decorations are increasingly chosen by spouses for their luxury style. These are tall glass jars with a subtle shape, which can be embellished with bouquets of flowers that, in style and color, match the location. If your location is more rustic, you might think of wooden vases or pots and wild flowers, like beautiful sunflowers.

Risers for florists

In addition to centerpieces, the risers for florists, high iron structures in anthracite or ivory color and different sizes are increasingly chosen by flower designers. Capable of enriching your floral decorations by enhancing their elegance, they are perfect for any type of location, from the most sumptuous to the most modern. Also available in glass, they become a must when accompanied by floating candles.

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