Rock wedding dresses

abiti da sposa rock

Rock wedding dresses

13 July 2018 Informazioni e news

Today you can be a brave and bold woman even during your wedding day with rock wedding dresses. Dress, shoes, bouquets and hairstyles: every detail will be essential to transmit your rebellious soul; while in the past it was difficult to find such a wedding dress, today more and more brands specialize in the production of these models: from clothes to accessories, each of them creates themed collections with a gritty and modern style.

The wedding dress made of lace

Even a lace wedding dress could be considered as a rock’n’roll models if enriched with the right details. In this case, although it is a classic fabric, it will be the color to give it the necessary grit: for example, black and red are among the most audacious ever. Nevertheless, if your dream is to marry in white then it will be better to opt for a leather gown.

The jacket for a rock bride, but not too much

If you want to maintain a gritty style, without sacrificing the tradition of a white bridal gown, then the jacket for the bride will be one of the best solutions. However, we will have to deal with the wedding season: it is clear that this coat will be useful for those who decide to get married in the half seasons. Beware: in any case, it will always be good to choose models with simple lines, without too many belts or studs, in order to avoid switching to trash.

Tulle wedding dress

Among the various fabrics that conform to rock, surely the tulle wedding dress is one of the possible alternatives. It is the most loved fabric  by brides, because one of its strong points is the adaptability to different styles. In fact, its lightness and softness are able to guarantee an elegant and gritty effect for a bride who dreams of a fairy tale but original wedding.

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