Scenographic layer wedding cakes that make the scene

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Scenographic layer wedding cakes that make the scene

7 May 2018 Informazioni e news

The layer cake has a very precise meaning: to wish a climb to well-being and prosperity to the spouses . Elegant and majestic, the layer wedding cakes are also the best choice to amaze your guests.

Heart-shaped wedding cakes for romantic spouses

Are you romantic spouses? Heart-shaped wedding cakes are definitely what suits you. Whether on a single or on several layers, this wedding cake is able to convey to the guests the love that binds the newlyweds. To make your heart-shaped cake perfect, colors may be the pure cream white, the delicious chocolate brown or the romantic pink candy floss.

Anyhow, the cake should recall the colors and theme of the entire wedding ceremony and party

Wedding cakes and cake design: the best way to amaze your guests

In recent years, wedding cakes and cake design are a combination of great impact. Before turning to a cake made by a cake designer, however, you must certainly consider the wedding style and theme. The layer cakes, in fact, suit well to elegant weddings, with a modern theme. For example, lately, decorations with golden, silver or pearl-gray leaves are very fashionable to cover these delicacies, shaped like small sculptures.

The wedding cake topper: a precious memory

Able to make the cake even more scenic, the wedding cake topper has become a must for contemporary weddings. The figurine, as final touch, is a “plus” to the wedding cake, as it shows the actual characteristics of the spouses, physically and/or their character. Then, how romantic can it be to keep your topper as a reminder of your wedding? Maybe you could put it on the cake for your first anniversary as a husband and wife!

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