Sexy bachelorette cakes

Torte di addio al nubilato sexy

Sexy bachelorette cakes

5 July 2018 Informazioni e news

The bachelorette party is undoubtedly the most irreverent part for the future bride and her friends: here everything, or almost, is granted, but it is very important to do it without too much vulgarity. Organizing this kind of events means that the guests must take care of everything that can make the future bride feel at the center of the party. It will be their own task to choose and rely on a cake designer to make witty cakes for a hen party. You can indulge yourself with phrases such as “You’re still in time, think again!” Or “Are you sure ?!”

Lustful cakes for the hen party, no thanks!

It would be better, in any case, not to make vulgar hen parties. In fact, even if your friend has few taboos, the bon ton teaches that it would be better not to exceed the ambiguity. For example, a cake with a phallic shape could initially snatch a laugh, but it would risk embarrassing the future bride and those around her. In short, the alternative ideas are many: among these you could think of a cake in the shape of a ball and chain or a delicious lingerie.

Some ideas for a hen party’s cakes

If you do not know what to look specifically for the occasion, you could search the web for some ideas for bachelorette cakes. You could focus on sense of humor, with phrases like “Strength and Courage” and “Game Over”, perhaps inspired by the theme of the Desperate Housewife, to remind your friend that the time for fun is over.

Funny cakes thanks to cake topper and ad hoc phrases

If the future bride has a sense of humor, it would be better to buy some funny cakes that exclude any form of vulgarity. In this case, the shape does not really matter: what makes it special are usually the cake topper and the chosen phrases to write on it. A cake topper shaped like a housewife who struggles to clean the top of the cake and an evocative phrase of the life she will live soon, may be some ideas to consider.

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