Shoes for girls’ First Communion: heel yes or no?

scarpe per la comunione della bambina

Shoes for girls’ First Communion: heel yes or no?

21 June 2018 Informazioni e news

It is very important to choose comfortable but elegant shoes for your child’s First Communion. They should match with her dress but, above all, with her age. You might wonder whether to choose heel shows. Many little girls find the high-heel shoes very trendy, they wear their mother’s shows dreaming of being old enough to walk around with them on. For the Communion it will be possible to fulfill their dream, opting for low heels.

Is the ankle boot enough elegant?

In the event that the outfit includes trousers, you might opt for ankle boots. It is certainly a closed shoe, but at the same time it is still suitable for the period of the year in which the communions are celebrated, May. Ankle shoes are extremely comfortable, nevertheless they must be carefully chosen as they may be not elegant enough for a communion that certainly requires something more feminine.

Winter peep toe shoes: a very low heel

In the end you gave in and agreed to buy heels for your little girl’s communion? Peep toe shoes can be just what you need. The name itself describes them well: shoes that leave the toes visible. This footwear model fits well with the elegant outfit typical of Communions. Always better to prefer simple and sober shoes for the occasion.

Princess elegance: the low-heel décolleté

The most elegant choice that can be made for your child’s Communion is the low décolleté. These are usually pointed shoes, sometimes rounded. The heel, almost completely non-existent, makes the shoe, and consequently the child, much more stable, making the shoe look like ballet flat. If the chosen dress is very fashionable, the décolleté that best matches is very simple. On the contrary, if the dress has no excessive frills, you can dare with color or decorated shoes.



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