Simona Villa

Simona Villa

S’Events is me, Simona Villa. Born in 1967, my experience as an event manager and exhibitions organizer is over 20 years long, but the passion and desire to improve is still the same I had when I was much younger. After graduating in Public Relations, I started my career by a jewelry, a starting point where I learned to deal with customers and manage an inventory with pens and paper, because at the beginning of the nineties CRM’s and management systems did not exist. Later I became product specialist in the pulp and paper sector, import export, and then I moved to the electrical sector, with the role of Inside Sales and Marketing Support for an international company. In 2008 I moved to another American company with the role of EMEA event specialist (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

This is the content of my resume, but it does not exhaust my story. In fact, throughout all these years, alongside the office work, I have developed a strong passion to organize private events, with a main focus on weddings. Started as a hobby, I made the decision to turn it into a profession, putting all my experience and the will to succeed in this umpteenth challenge. S’Events deals with the organization of events with a strong specialization on weddings, mainly for foreign couples who dream of an Italian wedding or an international wedding in Italy. My international experience allows me to be the best choice for foreign couples who dream of a fabulous wedding in Italy, helping them choose the most suitable locations and screen the suppliers.

As a wedding planner I manage all aspects from A to Z of the most important day of your life, by talking with you to understand your desires and wishes and be able to fulfil them with the utmost precision.

S’Events co-operations

My strength, coming from my twenty year experience is the creation of a network of professionals who, just like me, work tailor-made. These relationships make it possible to offer you a totally unique 360 ​​° service in any aspect. Choosing S’Events means choosing a successful event that will remain impressed on the mind of your guests. While remaining boundless and free to choose any supplier based on your requests and your desires, here it is a list of my collaborations:

  • Daphne Atelier – Other than creating tailor-made wedding dresses, Daphne has its hallmark in the production of bridesmaids’ dresses, witnesses and guests. The tailor-made production begins with the choice of fabrics, colors, patterns and even finishes.
  • Flower Design – Masters of floral art, using flowers and greenery as a painter would use colors and brushes. Orienting on flower design means giving life to floral decorations, turned into details that can create very suggestive atmospheres.
  • Rental Decorations – To rely on expertises for the rental of decorations could be the trump card to create a perfect event. Once the theme has been chosen, in fact, it becomes fundamental to opt for some decorations that are consistent with it.
  • Furniture – Have you booked the perfect location but its furniture doesn’t fit with your wedding theme? We can rent what meets your wishes and place it on your yes day granting an impeccable service.