Stop to the usual invitations of the first Communion

inviti della prima comunione

Stop to the usual invitations of the first Communion

14 June 2018 Informazioni e news

If you are preparing invitations for your child’s first Communion and want to make them as original as possible, the first step is to carefully choose the content to be used. The possibilities are different: from simple descriptive information concerning the ceremony to some biblical phrases taken from the Gospel, passing through Pope Francis’ favorite Eucharistic maxims

Drawings for custom Communion invitations

There are many images that you could choose to include in the invitations: an original idea is certainly to opt for first Communion themed drawings. They may be pre-printed images, which show depictions of babies in tunic or happy little angels with a halo. However, if the pre-printed design conveys a coldness feeling, the idea of having your children coloring the drawings – or making them create personalized ones – will surely be a more authentic and engaging choice.

Design invitations are very trendy

If you want to stun your guests, you could choose design invitations. It is the latest trend, if you like to break the traditional idea of an invitation; it is a style that easily catch the attention of your guests thanks to a match of colors, drawings, phrases and shapes. Choosing it for your invitations will surely help to communicate your personal care and attention to detail.

A hint for special invitations: the puzzle and more

If you want to make originality the distinctive feature of your invitations, you could order special  puzzle invitations. What is it? It is a style of participation that brings the guests to the resolution of a real project: the pieces of the puzzle, in fact, must be composed to get the complete invitation, without giving up the theme of the ceremony. Other ideas that fit the roster: bookmark and collage invitations.

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