Striking comfits table for a baby’s baptism

battesimo di una bimba

Striking comfits table for a baby’s baptism

4 May 2018 Informazioni e news

One of the most longed-for moments during any important celebration is the comfit distribution. When organizing the candy corner for the baptism of a baby, the first decision to make is related to the choice of colors, both for confetti decorations and favors. As for the taste of confetti, considering that at the party there will also be many children, it’s better to go for for the classic sugared almond or more delicious chocolate comfits.

Colors for birth favors

The best way to present the confetti? Birth favors. Usually the most used color are pink and light blue, but in recent years the tendency is to opt for different colors like white and yellow. Warmly recommended are pearl white or ivory, but also an elegant light gray or beige. However, if you are pink-addicted, powder pink, salmon and magenta shades are timeless. Concerning the fabric to use, you can range among organza, satin, but also simple jute.

How many confetti? Some advices

If you are in trouble on how many confetti to buy, keep in mind that it is necessary to calculate at least one pound of comfits for each guest. To fill the comfits table properly, it would be good to buy one kilogram of sugared almonds for every ten guests. Do not forget to vary wisely with the tastes: the classic almond and chocolate confetti must be more than other particular tastes.

Confetti bowls

When coming to confetti bowls to place on the table, you can really indulge yourself: ampoules, baskets, paper cones and marmalade jars in any size. Glass cups are also widely used, which make confetti visible from the outside. Think about placing the confetti on a table accessible from all sides, to make it easy for  your guests to reach it. If you have chosen multiple flavors of confetti, it is advisable to attach a descriptive label on each bowl.

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