Stuffed chiffon cake for an elegant Confirmation

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Stuffed chiffon cake for an elegant Confirmation

18 May 2018 Informazioni e news

At the end of a formal ceremony such as the Confirmation you must offer a elegant cake. A stuffed chiffon cake brings taste and refinement to your table. This cake, of which classic recipe includes a cream and berries filling, boasts many variations. If you want, you can cover it with chocolate and decorate it with white sugar paste flowers.

Different kinds of the chiffon cake

For a Confirmation, the chiffon cake can be a winning card. First of all it is a tall layer cake, which gives a wide choice of filling cream to stuff it. From the classic custard to the hazelnut cream, through the lemon cream to the pistachio cream. Customization based on taste is certainly an added value, especially meant to offer both adults and children a dessert that can satisfy them.

Cakes for Confirmation

The cakes for Confirmation are often real masterpieces of high pastries. Cake design is very fashionable, with its cakes covered with sugar paste and impeccably decorated. The first choice to make concerns the shape of the cake: round, rectangular, layers. Obviously the form also depends on the number of guests. When your guests are numerous, it is advisable to use a rectangular cake,  to get more slices with greater ease. A cake of great visual effect is the book cake.

Decorated cakes for Confirmation

Useless to say: the more the cakes are decorated the more they are spectacular. In addition to the well known fruit decorations, the cake design proposes  shapes such as doves, letters and numbers, books and the miter (the typical Archbishop headgear). What surely represents an evergreen in terms of elegance are the flowers, above all the daisies that, thanks to their color, bring joy while being simple. Other types of flowers used to decorate cakes are calla lilies and roses.

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