Suggested destinations for our honeymoon

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Suggested destinations for our honeymoon

23 May 2018 Informazioni e news

Before choosing the eligible destinations for your honeymoon it is important that you clarify what you would like to do. Sunbathe on a paradise beach, push yourself on an adventure, opt for a cultural tour or simply go shopping through the shops and markets in a big city? The ideas on where to go and what to do for the first trip together as husband and wife are many. If you love the sea you can choose a beautiful beach in the Caribbean, in Brazil or in Cuba. If your dream is to walk through unknown cities, instead, you may think of a European destination.

The most rated 2018 honeymoons

If you want to choose trendy destinations, here are the most fashionable 2018 honeymoons. If you are a romantic couple, your destinations are the Egadi Islands, a real Italian paradise, or Bora Bora, in French Polynesia. For the more adventurous newlyweds, the perfect destination is Patagonia, with its Perito Moreno glacier. Or a trip on the Grand Trans-Siberian Express, which runs through the former Soviet empire from Moscow to Vladivostok. Are you a sports fan? “Surfing” on the desert dunes in Namibia is for you.

Tips to organize honeymoon itineraries

Organizing honeymoon itineraries is not easy. It could certainly be useful to rely on the expert guidance of your wedding planner, who will help you to better organize this “step” of your wedding. The honeymoon, in fact, usually takes between 10 and 20 days of stay in the chosen destination, a period that certainly needs a careful organization to make the trip exciting and unforgettable.

Honeymoon in the Caribbean

An evergreen for your honeymoon? Honeymoons in the Caribbean; a dream place to discover together. The Caribbean islands allow you to take long baths in turquoise waters and sunbathe on long stretches of white sand. The most romantic and most chosen islands are: Anguilla, Antigua, Grenadine, Turks & Caicos, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Pay attention to the season: the best period to visit the Caribbean is spring.

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