The courses for a luxury wedding reception

rinfresco di matrimonio

The courses for a luxury wedding reception

24 April 2018 Informazioni e news

One of the most disquiet points of the event to-do-list is the choice of the wedding refreshment menu. To get a chic event and leave the guests pleasantly impressed, my advice to you is to focus on typical local products, expertly revisited: this will ensure that lunch is genuinely traditional, but refined.

An elegant and appreciated wedding menu

One of the funniest moments of the wedding organization is undoubtedly the tasting and choice of possible courses at the restaurant, to develop an elegant wedding menu to remember. The choice certainly depends on personal tastes and the season in which the ceremony will take place. It is better and advisable to go for seasonal products and quality, including a good choice for vegetarians, vegans or guests affected by food intolerances. For example, a gluten-free risotto with salmon may be proposed to a gluten intolerant guest. Our vegan guests, on the other hand, will certainly enjoy lasagne stuffed with vegetables and veg-ricotta.

Refined fish plates, even in the city

If you are looking for ideas for refined fish first courses, an evergreen is the seafood and champagne risotto. Other proposals for refined plates: risotto with yellow pumpkin, with poppy seeds and lobster or tagliolini with courgettes, zucchini flowers and scallops. Tasty as well as good-looking, are the mini-timballi pasta with fresh tuna and marjoram.

Scenic but hearty appetizers

What best than opening your wedding party with beautiful scenic appetizers? The catering staff will advise you at the best. A great classic, but certainly with high visual impact, can be a seafood cocktail served inside a shell. If you love food from Southern Italy, burrata stuffed with basil pesto and confit tomatoes will surely be appreciated.

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