The cutest baptismal outfits

vestitini battesimali più carini

The cutest baptismal outfits

19 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Choosing among the various models of baptismal outfits may seem like a complicated mission: they are all really cute. To make this simpler, first take into account the season in which the baptism will take place, your personal tastes and the comfort of the newborn.

Baby bibs for Baptizm

Along with the choice of the dress, you shall choose a series of accessories for the baptismal ceremony, including the bibs. Depending on the outfit you will choose for the occasion, you can combine different types of bibs: among the most used both for boys and for girls, there are the hand-embroidered, recalling the baptism or the name of the baby , as well as simpler models, strictly white solid color.

The timeless baby romper

A timeless outfit is the baby romper. You can find them in various fabrics: cotton, velvet or silk. Each shape is perfect for a specific season of the year; furthermore models with or without long sleeves are available. For a boy, the color par excellence is blue, in any shade, for a little girl is pink, but good to go for white and cream, neutral colors, very elegant for a ceremony.

Elegant baby shirts

If for baby girls the choice often falls on lavish dresses, baby shirts are the most elegant choice for a boy. Usually it is advisable to opt for neutral colors, which best match any other color or pattern you choose for the rest of the outfit. In fact, it is possible to add a jacket or a gilet to the shirt, as well as an elegant bow tie. No doubt that such a style will make your baby look like a little lord!

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