The eco-friendly wedding

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The eco-friendly wedding

27 July 2018 Informazioni e news

There are more and more couples who choose alternative solutions for their wedding, looking for those less expensive and often green&eco. From the bride’s dress to the wedding favors, passing through the decorations: creating an ecological wedding means creating a context that reflects as much love and respect for nature as possible.

The details of the eco-chic wedding

One of the styles that best represents love and respect for nature, is the eco-chic wedding. With its simple and essential details, it ranks among the most popular trends in recent years. Minimal decorations with seasonal or wildflowers, soft colors and materials like recycled paper are among the main ingredients for an eco-sustainable wedding.

What does it mean ethical weddings?

When you organize ethical weddings you must take care of the needs of the guests. The eco-chic spouses, in fact, are not necessarily those who flaunt all their green choices, very often imposing them, but those that have made eco-sustainability a value of personal life so as to express it even in their most important day hoping in a more sustainable future for them, their family and their friends.

Green apple and recycled paper invitations

For eco-friendly weddings, green apple invitations will be perfect: this color, in fact, conveys love for nature, matching the laws of nature and respect for traditions. Other than having a calming effect, it’s a symbol of tenacity and perseverance in following your projects. Beware: to inform your guests on the theme you’ve chosen, pay attention the paper material, that must necessarily be recycled.

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