The ideal decorations for the First Communion

addobbi ideali prima comunione

The ideal decorations for the First Communion

8 May 2018 Informazioni e news

The First Communion has always been a fundamental step for Catholics and a very special moment not only for the child, but for the whole family. The celebrations, then, in the last few years have assumed gargantuan dimensions. One of the key points is the choice of decorations for the First Communion and their colors. While for Baptisms, the trend is to opt for blue for males and for pink for females, for the First Communion all pastel colors are good.

Are balloons still trendy?

Balloons are still trendy, yes. If in white, then, they give an elegant touch to the event. Take into account that these decorations are very appreciated by children, who are able to quickly turn them into a funny game. To impress your guests and create a great visual impact, place a arch of intertwined balloons in the middle of the room, preferably in two different colors.

The candy bar at the First Communion: the “non-decoration” that makes the scene

Another way to prepare the table in an original and creative way, without being a real decoration, is the candy bar or candy table set up for the First Communion. Children are fond of sweets, so there is nothing better for them than a colorful table, laden with candies and various sweet treats. The first step is to decide which sweets to offer to your young guests, therefore it is appropriate to take into account their tastes: marshmallows, lollipops, candy skewers and candy necklaces should never miss.

Photo booth to print pics: a funny corner for young and old

If you are looking for a nice idea, you could try a photo booth. What’s better for having fun during a Communion, for and with children? An expert event planner can help you set up an “ad hoc” set for an exhilarating photo booth. In fact, these professionals are always updated on the latest trends in weddings, Baptisms, birthdays and Communions.

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