The most beautiful vintage wedding dwellings in Italy

residenze d’epoca per matrimoni in Italia

The most beautiful vintage wedding dwellings in Italy

14 May 2018 Informazioni e news

After the whole epic wedding organization, your “yes-day” must be unforgettable, no doubt and no excuse not to be. No lie in claiming that one of the things that most affects the wedding memorability is the location. Usually, historic dwellings are the best choice. In Italy, then, a country full of beauty and history, certainly they are not short. Surely, the help of an expert wedding planner can help you decide which place meets your wishes and dreams most.

Castles for weddings: look&feel

Castles are among the most romantic locations, which are absolutely the ideal scenarios for weddings, to create a fairytale atmosphere. Though, organizing a wedding in such a space is certainly not easy. Every detail must reflect the magnificence of the location; every centimeter must be functional. Otherwise, it would be like driving a Ferrari, the beauty of which is obscured by scratches and stains. It would be a pity, wouldn’t it? In any case, a castle will allow you to organize your party both inside its ancient and sumptuous rooms and outside, along its elegant gardens.

Wedding castles in Lombardy

If you are looking for castles in Lombardy surely you can get a first idea by consulting the “Residenze d’epoca” portal, that lists the historic dwellings available for the organization of a wedding reception. Your wedding planner will help you understand the place where it is located, the number of guests that can accommodate, the space offered – and how to use it – reducing the risk of making mistakes down to zero. Some noteworthy castles in Lombardy are Borgo della Rocca, Gropparello castle, Giovenzano castle and Malvezzi castle.

Sleep in a medieval castle for a fabulous first wedding night

The most romantic thing to end your special day? Sleep in a medieval castle, of course. The first wedding night must be unforgettable, as much as the day just passed, and to make this come true, there is nothing more beautiful than sleeping in a fairytale place, shaking off the adrenaline of ceremony and festivities in the arms of the neo-spouse. Whether it’s the reception area or another castle, specially chosen for your romantic night, it does not matter.

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