The second wedding dress: yes or no?

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The second wedding dress: yes or no?

11 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Contrary to what one might think, the change of  wedding dress for the bride is a custom that has very deep roots. In the past, in fact, the brides wore the “classic” dress throughout the ceremony, until the delivery of the wedding favors, during which they replaced it with the so-called “wedding dress”. Along the years and the fashion trends, brides can wear two formal dresses for such a special occasion like a wedding.

Two dresses for a bride: a fashion even among VIPs

The trend to wear two dresses for a bride can be a winning choice, able to amaze the future husband and all the guests. There are many examples of famous brides who decided to change their gowns during their yes day. An example? The wives of the princes of England. Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, in fact, wore a dress during the church ceremony and a second, white outfit for the reception.

Double wedding dress: one dress, two versions

Would you like only one dress but two different outfits? The double or transformable wedding dress is what suits you. Whether it is a choice dictated by the budget or simply by practical necessities, during your yes day, the time to change your dress is short. This is why the “transformable dress” will give you the chance to wear two different gowns, even if they are actually just one. It can be a “double” dress, of which a variant is more classic, like a sheath dress to which a a long skirt or a train are applied. Once eliminated, you will get a much more modern and functional dress.

Second wedding dress: be careful with the choice

In the event that you have decided to change your dress during the wedding, you must pay close attention to the choice of the second wedding dress. The main reason for a future wife to decide for a second dress is to reconcile the desire for a fairytale dress, with the need for freedom. If in fact, for the ceremony, it is preferable to wear a long dress, for the reception, comfort becomes a priority requirement. So remember to ask your trusted atelier to make a double-valued dress.

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