The wedding bodice for the first wedding night

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The wedding bodice for the first wedding night

15 June 2018 Informazioni e news

The bride’s wedding dress is the absolute protagonist of the wedding, but the same importance assumes her lingerie for the first wedding night. The bride’s bodice is the upper part of the dress that can cover very well the underlying underwear, but if necessary it may even be reused as a sensual outfit. It is in fact a valid alternative to the corset that, unlike the bodice, is composed of numerous solid slats that shape the bride’s silhouette.

Lace bride bodice

If you have always dreamt wearing a lace wedding bodice for your dress, but you do not think it respectful to enter the church with bare shoulders, you can enrich your bodice with transformable shoulder covers. Fashion brands have been using for years chantilly lace to create more elegant bodice models.

A bolder idea: the wedding guêpière

Very similar to the bodice but decidedly more sexy is the wedding guêpière. This choice could be perfect for the most daring future wives, who wish to leave their partner speechless during their first wedding night. The guêpière is usually made of lace, with small slats on the sides of the bust, which make the silhouette more sensual. Depending on your personal taste, you could opt for a guêpière with suspender, able to add more sensuality.

Curvy brides: some options for their lingerie

Curvy brides may live the choice of underwear as a real dilemma. Prefer one without visible seams, which could be annoying if you have abundant breasts and curvy shapes. Take into account shaping garments that will allow you to draw your shape, without giving up your natural sex appeal.

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