The wedding cape

La mantella da sposa

The wedding cape

16 July 2018 Informazioni e news

One of the 2018 latest trends is the wedding cape. The biggest brands on the international scene launched this fashion for the first time on the catwalks. This is definitely a stylistic choice of great scenographic effect, which can definitely emphasize the charm of an already important and special dress.

The wedding cape for a winter wedding

Beyond fashion, in winter the cape for a bride is certainly more functional because, in addition to protecting her from the coldness does not damage her elegance. The choice of this accessory, in fact, is the result of good taste and functionality. Furthermore, among all the possible models there is not a specific cape that suits better to a wedding dress; each cape, in principle, fits well to any kind of dress, long or short, broad or mermaid.

Winter wedding dresses without a cape

Does not the cape convince you despite the marriage being set in a cold season? Winter woolen wedding dresses exist and could be a valid alternative! It is a more comfortable and warm solution designed for the warmer months, without foregoing embroidery and refinement. The winter wedding dress, in fact, does not preclude any possibility: there are short and jaunty, long, princely and mermeid, all able to reproduce the braided effect with sophisticated embroidery.

The wedding dress with the neckline on the back

From the woolen dress to the wedding dress with your back uncovered, choosing to get married in winter does not mean necessarily giving up on sensuality and daring. In fact, the back uncovered is a detail capable of valorizing brides who want to dare even on their wedding day; specifically, the dress can be half length or long with train, in lace or smooth, decorated with buttons or pearls: all created with delicate transparent veils that produce a truly exclusive nude effect. The best fabrics for this kind of clothes are silk, macramé lace and mikado.

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