Themed buffet for the first Communion

Buffet per la prima comunione

Themed buffet for the first Communion

27 June 2018 Informazioni e news

Organizing a buffet for your first communion might sound so easy, but there are many details to pay attention to. From the choice of the recipes, to the arrangement of the table passing through the organization of the courses; last but not least, the theme: if you want to make this moment unique for your children, you shall choose a theme that can involve all the kids, of any age.

A butterfly-themed party

If the reception is for your daughter and you know that she is keen on colors and nature, organizing a butterfly themed party could be a great idea. Butterflies are synonymous with lightness and beauty and this content for the buffet of her communion could be elegant, colorful and at the same time very chic. The most usually chosen and used colors for the butterfly-themed decorations are pink, fuchsia, lilac, but also purple and yellow. Pastel colors give a harmonious effect to the table, on which napkins, plates, glasses and toothpicks recall the theme with drawn or applied butterflies all around.

“Alice in wonderland” theme to live your fairy tale

Less esteemed yet very original is the “Alice in Wonderland” theme party . In this case, the best location for the buffet will certainly be the garden: here you can unleash your imagination, decorating pastries and cupcakes with the inscription “Eat me”, or label each bottle of juice or tea with “Drink me”, without neglecting the overall decoration of the table with playing cards scattered everywhere.

Candy skewers as centerpieces

One of the best ways to bring color to the table, are the much-loved candy skewers, of which children – and not only them – are greedy. Placing them along the table in a fan shape could makes them the centerpiece of your buffet, giving it a wonderful touch of color. The most popular skewers are marshmallows, but any chewy candy can be suitable.



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